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About Us


Thank you for visiting our Creative Magnets site where we offer you a fun, economical way to display your passion on your vehicle, fridge, file cabinet or other magnetic surface. Car magnets are the new bumper stickers of the past, but are far less hassle to remove.  The designs are limited only by your imagination, so whether you run, cycle, triathlon, kayak, play Ultimate Frisbee or want to display a customized magnet, we are happy to share your passion. We may not be able to wear our passions on our sleeves, but we can sport them on our cars, at home or at play. 



I have been a runner, cyclist, tri-athlete, Ultimate Frisbee player and lover of sports my entire life. Little did I know that these pursuits would guide me in my professional life after having studied philosophy in college.

Having founded a chain of run/soccer specialty stores in the 80’s, I have enjoyed supporting folks pursue their passions. Now I get to lead a company that allows others to see the passions that their fellow traveler or co-worker pursues. Having run a multi-million dollar business, I understand the importance of Customer Care. I want to ensure you are completely satisfied with our products and service. Do not hesitate to text or call me (269-569-5998) about any matter.

Whether it is an idea for a new magnet or an issue you had with our product, I welcome your feedback and look forward to speaking with you.

Be Passionate!

Bruce “Frisbee” Johnson

Bruce Johnson